Hi, I’m Barbara!
I like to cook, craft, and over all, live deliciously. 
I am totally blessed by my heavenly father, Jesus!  I say ‘totally’ a lot.  I also say ‘dude’ a lot.
I love to decorate on a budget; sometimes cause I need to, mostly because I love to see what I can make out of something that was left for dead.  Being creative makes me happy; cooking, painting, building, up-cycling, anything I can get my hands on.
I’ve been married to my stud-muffin for over a decade. 
I’m a FT working Mom. I’m also a FT working Stepmom (read: same thing).

 I’m of Cuban and Dominican descent, and fluent in Español.

 I am technologically challenged (just ask my kids).

 I’m grateful to God for everything!  

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.  I hope this blog will inspire you to pull out your spatula, electric drill, or glue gun and CREATE! 

I’m thankful you’re here and hope you enjoy your visit, and
come back often!

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