Simple Monogram Craft

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Simple Monogram Craft via Chase the Star #MichaelsMakers @MichaelsStores

Hey, hey, happy Tuesday! Why am I so happy on a TUES-DAY, you ask? Well cause I did a little crafting this weekend! I made a cute Monogram Craft for Michaels (well really for me)!  I am part of Michaels Makers, which if you recall is a group of creative bloggers chosen by Michaels to bring you fun crafting ideas all year long!

Remember my first Michaels Makers project? I had so much fun making it, so when I received this awesome package in the mail, I was thrilled!

#MichaelsMakers Raw Bar

These are all part of the new Raw Bar line at Michaels.  This sneak peek includes: burlap canvas, cork ribbon, cork letter, wooden spools, a galvanized metal bin with chalkboard front, and a cute chalkboard sign!  The Raw Bar line is made of or accessorized by nature inspired materials.  I love the look of natural and earthy decor!

I decided to make a monogram craft using the burlap canvas.  For as much ‘handmade’ stuff as I have in the house, oddly enough I only had one monogram in the entire place.  Wha?  That needed to change!

I wanted to keep the look of my project ‘natural’ to keep the Raw Bar theme going, so I headed to Michaels and picked up:

An 8×10 Wooden frame

A wooden monogram

White acrylic paint

3 Burlap rosettes

1 sheet of striped craft paper

…and from my craft stash I pulled out my trusty glue gun, glue sticks, and a foam applicator.

Making an easy Monogram craft #MichaelsMakers

Want to make a monogram craft for your home? Follow these super easy steps:


Take the backing off of the frame and paint it white.  Don’t forget the sides!

Cut the craft paper to size, and place it in the frame, don’t replace the plastic cover.

#michaelsmakers @Michaelsstores

The monogram I purchased was already white (primed), so I just touched it up with the white paint to clean it up a bit.

Hot glue the letter to the burlap canvas, making sure to center it properly.

Lastly glue the burlap canvas directly on to the paper.  Be sure it’s totally centered!

Using Raw Bar products to make a Simple Monogram Craft #MichaelsMakers @MichaelsStores

Next, attach the rosettes. These have clips in the back so I just removed those with scissors.

#MichaelsMakers Burlap Rosettes

Glue them in any pattern you like directly on to the frame.  I chose to cluster them on the bottom left.

Easy to make Monogram Craft via Chase the Star #MichaelsMakers @michaelsStores

 Easy right? You can customize this to use more initials, or a fun phrase—anything you want!

I think the white paint and the stripes gives the ‘raw’ look a contemporary touch, don’t you?

I am so excited to experiment with the rest of the Raw Bar line! You can too, starting on August 8th, you can get it at your local Michaels! Don’t forget to download their app and take advantage of their coupons.  Seriously there are some good coups!

So what do you think of the Monogram Craft? How would you make this project your own?

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