Easy Patriotic Wall Art

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I love the 4th of July, it’s one of the reasons why summer is my favorite season!  This American Flag Wall Art is one of the fun crafts I’m making to celebrate this patriotic holiday.

Easy Patriotic Wall Art

Easy #Patriotic Wall Art  Foamology via Chase the Star #USA #4thofJuly #Flag #fabricArt

For this project I used the super innovative Foamology self adhesive foam elements, and they totally rocked my socks off!

Foamology Design Foam via Chase the Star

It’s so easy to wrap fabric around the foam and make a beautiful art piece in no time!

How To Make Patriotic Wall Art


(4) 12×12 Foamology self adhesive squares

Scissors (use sharp precise cutting scissors like Fiskars)


For this project I went with a fun blue and stars pattern on burlap, and a large red gingham for a twist on the traditional stripes.

1/2 yard for the stars, 1 1/4 yard for the stripes.

Easy Patriotic Wall Art via Chase the Star

That’s IT!


Line the Foamology square in the center of the fabric, making sure there is enough excess material for tucking. Remove the backing and stick the square on to the fabric.

Foamology is great for easy wall art!

Turn the square over and tuck the excess into the grid like slits on the back of the foam square. Fold the ends like you would gift wrap, pull it taught and tuck it in.

Foamology DIY Wall Art

Set the ‘stars’ square, aside.  Make the ‘stripes’ squares, be sure to line up the stripes.  If you use large gingham print like I did, it can be tricky so carefully lay all the squares out on a table to be sure everything is aligned at the ends.

Make easy wall art with self adhesive foam squares!  Foamology

For hanging I simply slipped 4 brad nails into the slits on the back of each Foamology square.  They are so light, even a small nail can keep them in place!

Gingham and Burlap American Flag  Chase the Star  Foamology #Patriotic  #Country #americanflag

How easy was that? Make your own American Flag, some fun wall art for your kid’s room, or something unique to celebrate the World Cup!

There are so many possibilities, check out more ideas on the Foamology website!

How are you decorating for the 4th of July this year?

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