Get Organized: Fabric Covered Cans

Hey everyone!
Is it too late for Spring Cleaning? Well I guess if  you’re as busy as I am, then it’s never too late to get organized, right?  I’m forever rearranging my craft supplies, my office desk, and every other ‘work’ space in the house.  Seems I can’t ever stay organized, but a girl’s gotta try!
As you know, I often re-use common household items to make something fun. This time I covered empty cans in pretty fabric for a stylish and functional place to store some of my craft supplies!

Fabric Covered Cans

Fabric Wrapped Cans via Chase the Star #DIYcraft #fabric #repurpose

This is a great way to repurpose, recycle, and organize with very little, very quickly!

Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to make your own Fabric Covered Cans:
Repurpose an old can into a supply holder  via Chase the Star #DIYcraft #fabric #repurpose
Empty and clean cans
(I used a coffee can, and a can of green beans!)
Fabric scraps

(enough to wrap each can all the way around)

Spray GlueScissors

Standard duct tape (optional)

How to make Fabric Wrapped Cans:

Step 1:
Remove the original wrapping from the can.
Fabric Covered Can
Step 2:
If you use a can opener to open the can (as in the case of the can of  green beans), wrap duct tape around the lid to avoid any sharp edges.
Step 3:
Using the wrapper as a guide, cut your fabric.
Step 4:
Spray the adhesive over the outside of the can, until it is evenly covered.
Step 5:
Wrap the fabric piece around the can, pulling it taught on both ends, and top to bottom.  Make sure to smooth it on with your fingers as you work your way around the can.
Get Organized Cover Old Coffee Cans With Fabric for a Repurposed Supply Holder! via Chase the Star #DIYcraft #fabric #repurpose
The spray glue is pretty strong and dries fairly quickly, but once the fabric is on there, you don’t really need to allow for any drying time.  Go ahead and fill your cans with anything you like right away!
The ridges showing through the fabric add character in my opinion.  If you’re not into them, you can wrap your can with a base layer of fabric or thin foam.
I’m using them to hold some craft supplies.  These fabric wrapped cans were so simple and quick to make, I think I can make a few more for the other messy areas in the house.
The grey and white fabric is remnant from this pillow cover project, and the chevron fabric is from a an old tote.
Don’t throw out your old coffee cans, or jars for that matter!
What can you repurpose to stay organized?
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