Personalized Pet Bowl (and How to Change Your Cat’s Food)

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Keeping our pets happy is generally pretty easy, but our cat, like most can be very finicky. He likes what he likes and doesn’t appreciate too much change.  Case in point; when the Realtor took us to view what would eventually become our new home, the kids took to the cat that lived there, and seems that the feeling was mutual.  Turns out after a few visits to the house, the owners told us that their cat is very acclimated to the house, so if we’d like to keep him, we can! Unusual, yes, but our kids already loved him, so we took the cat in, and kept his name, Smokey.  We bought the house, but deep down, we know Smokey actually ‘owns’ the place.

Our Cat Smokey #goodlifepet via Chase the Star

Overall he is content, and we are doing our best to keep him that way!  He’s definitely part of the family, so just as with the little humans in the house with their personalized lunch boxes and carefully chosen healthy foods (for the most part!), Smokey isn’t left behind!  I updated his food bowl by decorating it, and have been gradually changing his food to something better and healthier, GOODLIFE™ Pet Food.

Personalized Pet Food Bowl

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The bowl was very easy to personalize using my cutting machine (Cricut Explore) and some chocolate brown adhesive vinyl.  I chose a cute mustache, cause he really thinks he’s the head honcho around here!

How to Change Your Cat's Food #GoodLifePet via Chase the Star

How To Change Your Cat’s Food:

Switching your cat’s food may seem like an easy task, but they don’t adjust as quickly as we do.  You can run the risk of giving your kitty some tummy trouble if you aren’t careful.  Be sure to do it gradually over the course of about a week or so.

We started by mixing the old and new food for the first few days.  About 3 parts old food, 1 part GOODLIFE™ Pet Food.  Then we moved to half and half for another few days.  Lastly serve your cat 3 parts of the new food (in this case GOODLIFE™), and 1 part old food.  Disclosure: I’m not a Veterinarian, but hey it worked for Smokey!


If you are thinking about changing your cat’s food, you can try GOODLIFE™ with a coupon for $1 off.  Visit the GOODLIFE™ website for the coupon and more info!


You can pick up a bag of GOODLIFE™ Pet Food at Walmart, like I did!


Goodlife Pet Food #catfood #goodlifepet

Smokey is a happy and healthy cat.  My 6 year old considers him a sibling and truth be told, our house can never be a ‘home’ without him.

Switching to GOODLIFE™ is a great way to make sure he’s eating right.  We’re keeping him as healthy as possible, so he can be with us as long as possible!  

Now that he’s got a personalized food bowl, I guess I’ll have to add some fun vinyl to his water bowl, and possibly even the litter box!

How are you keeping your cat happy and healthy?

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