Healthy Habits: Better Digestive Health with Insync Probiotic

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It seems that I’ve been talking about health and overall wellness quite a bit around here.  Once you start to push a certain age (starts with a ‘4’), you start to think about these things more.  In fact I wish I had thought about my health when I was younger. Although I’ve always taken care of myself for the most part, the older I get the more consistent it needs to be (can I get an ‘amen’?).  I’m still walking 4 hilly miles several times a week, keeping my skin moisturized, and trying my best to get good sleep and eat well.  One of the most important things most of us forget though is to take care of is our digestive health.  So I’ve added more high fiber foods to my diet, more water, and a daily probiotic, Insync.

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Taking long walks is great exercise!  My neighborhood has some very steep hills, so I walk 4 miles up and downhill when I can.  It helps me clear my head, and it’s great to tone up the bottom half!

High Fiber & Protein Foods 

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Eating high protein and fiber rich foods is filling and helps your digestive health.  This lunch bowl is a staple for the grown-ups at our house!  Made up of grains (quinoa, wild rice, couscous), diced grilled chicken, broccoli, black beans, just a 1/2 cup of each and top it with fresh salsa if you like, is not only good for you, but super yummy!

Drink More Water

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Other than adding more sleep to my schedule, drinking more water is the hardest healthy habit for me to stick to!  Seriously, I just don’t ever crave it.  Unless–it’s immediately after exercise.  More exercise-more water!  I do make myself have water with all of my meals and try my best to not drink anything else when I’m thirsty.  Still working on this one, but the truth is I feel better, and less bloated when I drink more water.

Take a Daily Probiotic

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I take probiotics because the body needs the right beneficial bacteria for digestive system balance.  I love Insync because its Dr. recommended, comprised of 6 natural probiotics, and a 3 billion live bacteria.  As we age the number of good bacteria may be reduced, so it’s important to supplement it!  I can get it at my local Walmart at a reasonable price, equally important for me!

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Follow Insync on social media for more info!

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And on their website: Insync Probiotic

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Use a Natural Face Moisturizer

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I keep a bottle of EVOO next to my sink.  Yes, that’s correct, EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  In the bathroom.  I add a few drops to a cotton ball to remove my eye make up.  Then I smooth a pea-sized amount over my bare face and neck every single night.  Sure I thought I smelled like a salad the first few nights, but I love the way my face looks and feels in the morning, supple and smooth.  The smell fades after a few minutes, and after a while wasn’t even be noticeable to me at all.  A little goes a long way so just smooth it on lightly and hit the sack. It’s not only natural, but it’s very inexpensive compared to traditional face creams, and can be found almost anywhere!

A few healthy habits can make a huge difference on the road to the well being.

Young or ‘seasoned’, what are you doing to improve your health and wellness?

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    I’ve never heard of using EVOO for skin care! These are all great tips for getting and staying healthy. I’m pushing the big 4-0 and I need to get on track! #client

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