Living With a Cat {and giving the Litter Genie a try}!

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Do you have any pets? We have both a dog and a cat, they complete our family and our kids adore them. I do too…for the most part. See, I like to pet my dog, but I don’t like to walk her, bathe her, or do any other dog duties. Same with the cat, I can cuddle with him, but I do not like to scoop up his litter, and I definitely do not like to smell the stinky litter box. Grosssss. Our pets stay in our back sunroom, which also doubles as the kid’s playroom, so keeping the pet’s side of the room neat, clean, and odor free is very important. Have you heard of the Litter Genie? It’s a great tool I recently discovered to keep kitty litter odor at bay. I tried it, I loved it, and I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner!

Litter Genie review via Chase the Star #ad #petparents #Pmedia

Our cat Smokey’s life is hard enough to have to share his space with a dog, and kids too. He doesn’t need a foul smelling litter box to add insult to injury, know what I mean?

My fat cat Smokey is happy to be odor free with the Litter Genie! #littergenie #petparents #ad #PMedia

Stinky cat litter Cover it up with the Litter Genie! #PetParents #ad #PMedia

The Litter Genie allows us to just scoop up the waste, and when we’re ready to throw it out, simply remove the bag and take it to the trash. I don’t have to see or smell anything, and

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I don’t have to take the litter out every single day. I set my Litter Genie right next to the litter box, easy and convenient!

Litter Genie is great for keeping pet odors in control! #Petparents #PMedia #ad #chasethestar

The Litter Genie comes with a scoop and holder that you can attach to the side, as well as a pack of bag refills. It’s really easy to set up, check out how to do it step by step in the video below.

Now my 6 year old can pull out toys from his toy bins and play on the rug in his play space, without having to deal with a stinky cat litter box. Don’t mind the messy toys, this is a ‘real life’ shot, and frankly this is real life!



Want to get rid of cat stink in your space? Head to Target and grab one with this coupon for $3 off…SCORE!

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I still love my Smokey, and now that we have the Litter Genie we can actually keep him fresher and cleaner—now everyone is happy!

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