Faux Chalkboard Wall Art {Made With the New Cricut Explore}

This post is brought to you by my friends at Cricut!

The moment I’ve been waiting weeks for has finally arrived! Today I get to show you my brand new ‘toy’! I recently got my hands on the brand new Cricut Explore! A what, you ask? If you don’t know what a Cricut is, it’s an electronic cutting machine, in other words, a crafters BFF. Cricut just launched their latest and may I add, greatest version–the Cricut Explore, and simply put…it.is.AWESOME. ‘Awesome’ enough to help me whip up this Faux Chalkboard Wall Art to show off my kid’s baseball pictures, quickly and without fuss!

Faux Chalkboard

How to Make a Faux Chalkboard via Chase the Star #chasethestar #chalkboard #DIY #hack #baseball #art #DIYWallArt

Take a look at this beaut…. {insert old school ‘construction worker style’ whistling noises here}

Cricut Explore


How did I score one of these amazing machines before they went on sale? Well I’ve worked with the Cricut team for a while now so they whisked me and about a hundred other creative bloggers up to their launch part in Utah a few weeks ago to tell us all about the Explore. Then they sent one to each of us to play with.

Um yeah! I bet they had no idea how much mileage I’d get out of this thing!

Check out pics from the Cricut event in Utah on Instagram here.

How To Make Faux Chalkboard Wall Art

Like I said, with the Cricut Explore, this Faux Chalkboard Wall Art was simple and took relatively little time to make.

The Cricut Explore is unlike any other cutting machine in that everything is done online. No more cartridges! You create an account with their

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“Design Space” software tool, and can buy images for just 99¢! AND you will soon be able to create and save designs on your iPAD. Lastly, you can even upload your own images and cut them right from your Explore in no time.

Seriously ROCKIN’ machine!

To make your own Faux Chalkboard Wall Art you will need:

Cricut Explore


1 sheet of 12×12 self adhesive vinyl {sold at craft stores}

Cricut Tools Basic Set {optional}

Transfer Paper (at least a 12×12 sheet)

16×20 Canvas

Black Spray Paint


Mod Podge Spray


Step 1:

In your Design Space software simply choose your design or upload your own, and size it correctly as you can see in the screenshot below. I chose one of the thousands of designs they have to choose from in Design Space. Screenshot (13)

Step 2:

Adhere the vinyl to your cutting mat and set the machine to cut!

Step 3:

Peel the negative vinyl from the mat, and using the Cricut weeding tool, ‘weed out’ the smaller pieces.

Cricut Weeding Tool via Chase the Star @OfficialCricut

Cricut Design Space Image @officialCricut

Step 4:

Peel the back off of the transfer paper, and slowly press the paper onto your vinyl. Smooth it out with the scraper. Making sure that the vinyl has adhered well to the transfer paper, carefully lift it off of the mat. The vinyl should lift with it, but in bigger and more intricate designs like mine, you may need to use the spatula to help with the lifting.

Cricut Explore Using Transfer Paper on Vinyl @OfficialCricut via Chase the Star

Cricut Transfer Paper via Chase the Star

Step 5:

Once you’ve peeled off your transfer paper (I also added some wording at the bottom in a ‘varsity’ font), then take the canvas outside and add a few coats of the black spray paint to it. Make sure to cover the entire piece well with the paint and allow it to dry completely.

Step 6:

Once the canvas is dry, then carefully peel of the vinyl to reveal the white underneath, and your beautiful design!

Step 7:

To make it look like a chalkboard, rub chalk all over it, including the sides. Cover it really well in chalk, erase it all with a dry cloth, and add more chalk until you get the ‘chalkboard’ look your want.

I love using #ModPodge Spray to seal my #craft projects! #ChaseTheStar #plaidcrafts

Step 8:

Standing about 15-20 inches away, spray a couple coats of Mod Podge spray to seal the chalk {like this chalkboard side table}

{If you accidentally ‘spray off’ some of the chalk just go over it again, and repeat the Mod Podge.

Baseball Wall Art #kids #baseball #CricutExplore #cuttingmachine

I am just about done with the gallery wall showing off their cool baseball moments thus far. Rest assured you will be the first I show it off to once it’s complete!

My boys love this Baseball Hall of Fame wall, especially the Faux Chalkboard Wall Art {it’s ‘so cool’}. I’m confident this will be with our family for years to come and can’t wait to add more pictures and moments to this wall as the years pass. I bet it’ll make a great story when their in the Major Leagues :)

There is so much the Cricut Explore can do! It is already available for pre-sale online on Amazon, Jo-Ann, and WalMart, and and will be in your fave craft stores on March 27th!

Check out this video for more info on how you can get creative with the Cricut:

What an easy way to personalize any space in the home! I’ve used my Cricut Explore to make about a zillion projects over the last couple of weeks. My youngest’s birthday party is this weekend, so you can imagine how much stuff this crafty mama whipped up! I will show the party projects off starting next week, so be sure to come back!

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