Birthday Treats for School

Last week was my little guy’s birthday, he turned a big SIX!  This event also coincided with his reading an entire book completely on his own.  It always happens like this, he hits big milestones all at once.  Now we’re patiently waiting on that first tooth to loosen up!

I asked him what he wanted me to take to the classroom on the big day, cookies or cupcakes?  Staying true to his character he said ‘neither’.  He wanted mini donuts instead.  I love his ‘outside the box’ thinking! I know you creative Mom’s can appreciate what I’m sayin’ here!

Birthday Treats for School

Birthday Treats for School via Chase the Star #chasethestar #classtreats #birthdayschooltreats #school #kids

Not only was I impressed by his originality, but I was grateful–these treats were going to be a breeze!

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