DIY Dry Erase Board

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The hubs and I have been doing some heavy spring cleaning and organizing around the house lately…I know it’s the middle of winter, so we’re fashionably late! All of our drawers are now organized, the closets, garage, you name it.  Everything except for my craft space which although I had a professional organizer come in over the summer, thanks to {my} bad habits, is back to being a disaster (there must be a support group for this).  Putting my craft space back together is my task this weekend.  In order to make sure I get and stay organized I made a DIY Dry Erase Board with the new Mod Podge Sheer Colors line to help me stay on track.

Make your own Dry Erase Board Use Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts

It’s pink, and so girly!  Just in time to make a great gift for Valentine’s Day!

Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass plus Dishwasher Safe via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts

I love the Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge, but for this project I didn’t need it.  Oh but you know I will soon (mason jars, plates, cups, glasses, etc.) WOOT!

Mod Podge Sheer Colors DIY Dry Erase Board


Picture frame with glass insert {mine is 11×14, but any size will do}

Mod Podge Sheer Colors (I couldn’t resist the Sheer Pink!)

Small brush

Mod Podge Foam Roller Top (optional)

Duct Tape in your fave design

Dry erase marker

Use a #ThriftStore frame and Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass to make a dryerase board! #dryEraseBoard via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts

This thrift store frame was half off at Goodwill (get tips on how to get the best deals at Goodwill here)!

Half Price deal at #Goodwill via #ChaseTheStar


Step 1: 

Remove the glass from the frame and clean it well.

Step 2:

Pour some of the Mod Podge directly onto the glass and brush it out from end to end.  Make sure to always go in the same direction. Repeat this 2-4 times, allowing to dry to the touch between coats, until you have your desired shade.

Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass to make a DIY DryErase Board via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts

I went for hot pink!

In between coats, I placed duct tape in this cute hearts design around the outside of the frame.

Wrap an old picture frame in #ductTape for a new look! via #ChaseTheStar #ducktape @theduckbrand

This of course is optional.  You can opt to paint it, Mod Podge fabric or paper on it instead, anything goes!

Step 3:

Use the foam roller top to go over the last coat so that you conceal any brush marks.

#ModPodge Foam Roller Tops! #ChaseTheStar #plaidcrafts

Once it’s nice and even..let it sit and dry.  I left it out overnight, but you can probably get away with several hours.

Step 4:

Put your frame back together, with the Mod Podged side of the glass to the back.  Give the front of the glass a shine with some glass cleaner to remove any grubby fingerprints :)

Using your dry erase marker go to town!  Think: grocery list, ‘honey-do’ list, chores for the kids, school agendas, to use in your cubicle at work, anything at all!

I love this great organizing tool!

DIY Dry Erase Board perfect for everyday or holidays! Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass to make a DIY DryErase Board via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts

You can even just write a sweet Valentine’s Day message (or any holiday)!

The Mod Podge Sheer Colors line works great on glass, wood, or metal.  For more tutorials and inspiration, sign up for Plaid’s weekly newsletter , and if you can’t wait for the newsletter, head on over to Plaid’s Pinterest page, it’s busting at the seams with more Mod Podge ideas!

For video tutorials (eeek!!) check these out!

Moroccan Vase

Beach Themed Candle Holder

Additional tools in the new Mod Podge line include facet shapes too: 

#ModPodge #PlaidCrafts Facet Shapes via #ChaseTheStar

You can find Mod Podge Sheer Colors, Facet Shapes and Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge at Michaels or on Plaid’s website.

Check out what some of my blogger friends have made with Mod Podge Sheer Colors:


This is one my last projects before I can FINALLY reveal my newly organized craft space-I can’t wait!

I’ve shared TONS of ideas here–what will you make with Mod Podge Sheer Colors?



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