Gift Idea: Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids

As my son is dutifully reminding me every 5 minutes or so, Christmas is just 2 days away!  This week I’ve been wrapping gifts, baking and decorating cookies, and still shopping!

He had his class party at school last week so I made him small gifts to hand out to his classmates.  With cardstock, glitter, and a little glue, I whipped up a little handmade token to wish them each a Merry Christmas!   I thought these would be great to hand out to the kids at Christmas parties too!  I know you’re as busy as I am this week, but trust me, you can make these ornaments quickly and with little effort, and you can even get the kids to help!

Gift Idea: Easy Christmas Ornaments For Kids

Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids via Chase the Star


2 Sheets of cardstock in different colors

Die Cut machine {I use my Cricut Mini}


Glue stick

Hot glue gun

Baker’s twine

 If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram you may be familiar with this project, and if you don’t…you should! :)

Make Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids:

Step 1: I went to the Cricut Craft Room and designed an ornament.

Screenshot (11)

Step 2: I cut out a plain ornament in both green and red card stock.

Step 2: I cut out smaller ornaments with a star in the center (as in the picture above) in a bold yellow card stock.

Step 3:  With the glue stick (this is where the kids can help), glue the smaller ornament on to the larger one.

Easy Christmas Ornaments for Kids! Great for Kid's class gifts or to hand out at Christmas parties! via Chase the Star

Step 4: Add a small bead of hot glue to the center, and dip it in glitter.

Step 5: Using the tip of a pair of sharp scissors (this is the grown-up part), poke a hole to the top, and tie a piece of baker’s twine on to it.  Then hot glue the ends.

That’s it!!

Since these were made for a class full of kindergartner’s, I taped a candy cane to each one with washi tape.   Then I packed them up and took them to school!

Great class gifts, #cardstock #Christmas ornaments! via Chase the Star

These shapes are so simple, if you don’t have a die cut machine like a Cricut, you can probably cut them out by hand.  In the center just cut out another circle or easy shape.  However, if you’re as crazy-busy as I am this week, who has time for that? I made these in under an hour, and that was because I needed 30 for the class.  If you want to make just a handful to give out at this week’s parties, you can make these easy ornaments in no time.

By the way, if you don’t have kids in your life, these can make great gift tags too!

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?!

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    Thanks for the Facebook like today! Had to come check you out, I love this idea for an easy ornament for kids! I might have to try it with my 2 year old today :)

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