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Hey there! How’s your Christmas shopping going?  I’ll be honest, I am NOT going to the stores this year.  I’ve done most of my shopping from the comfort of my living room, comfy slippers and all!  That’s a great option for most gifts, but there are some that will require a little more of a personal touch.  Since my youngest is in kindergarten we’re making his teacher a fun Christmas present, and will top it off with a handmade, DIY Fabric Gift Tag.

DIY Fabric Tags via Chase the Star #teacherGift #DIYcraft #handmade #Christmas #holidays #ornament #giftTag @onlinefabricstore

These were so easy! This beautiful green and white striped fabric is called Coastal Green from Online Fabric Store, where you will with their beautiful fabrics at fabulous prices!

How to Make DIY Fabric Gift Tags

Want to make some Fabric Gift Tags to add a personal touch to the presents under your tree this year?

Follow these steps to make the one I made:


1/4 yard of your favorite fabric

Card stock in your color of choice

Baker’s twine

Grommet and grommet  tool (optional)

Mod Podge (I used the ‘Sparkle’ finish)

Fabric scissors

Small brush

Tacky glue

Iron on vinyl (I used Cricut brand vinyl)

Hot glue gun (and glue stick)


Get creative with DIY Fabric Tags via Chase the Star #teacherGift #DIYcraft #handmade #Christmas #holidays #ornament #giftTag @onlinefabricstore

Step 1:

If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, cut out label shapes on your card stock. If not, then you can cut the shapes out with your scissors (keep them simple like the circle and rectangles I used). Be sure to cut a hole at the top, where your twine will hang from.

Step 2:

Using the card stock as a guide, cut the fabric in the same shape.

Step 3:

Add a very light coat of the tacky glue on to the card stock and adhere the fabric onto it, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles. Allow that to dry for a couple of minutes.

Step 4:

This step is optional, but it does add a nice polished touch to the tags…add a grommet to the top where the hole is (here’s a tutorial on how to use a grommet tool).

Step 5:

(Optional) On one of the gift tags I used iron-on vinyl to add a cute message, “#1 Teacher”.

(Here’s a simple tutorial on how to cut and apply iron-on vinyl)

Step 6:

Lastly, wrap some baker’s twine around the grommet, and tie a knot on either end.  Secure with a little hot glue if necessary.

Easy DIY! Fabric Tags via Chase the Star #teacherGift #DIYcraft #handmade #Christmas #holidays #ornament #giftTag @onlinefabricstore

Step 7:

Lastly, flip the gift tag over and with a small brush, and a light hand, add a single coat of Mod Podge.

Use Mod Podge and Cardstock to DIY Fabric Tags via Chase the Star #teacherGift #DIYcraft #handmade #Christmas #holidays #ornament #giftTag @onlinefabricstore

This will make it so that the card stock will hold up through time.

On the square tag, I added baker’s twine along the edges too, just for fun! A small amount of  hot glue all the way around will do the trick.

Make #easy DIY Fabric Tags via Chase the Star #teacherGift #DIYcraft #handmade #Christmas #holidays #ornament #giftTag @onlinefabricstore

Notice many of the steps in these directions are ‘optional’.  Truth is, you can get so creative with these DIY Fabric Gift Tags!  Add some lightweight embellishments, ribbon, or anything you like!

These tags will be great any time of year too, think: Valentine’s Day gifts, to hang on Easter baskets, party favors, baby showers, you name it!

I LOVE working with fabric! Yes, the girl who can’t sew loves fabric! There is SO much more to do with quality fabric that doesn’t include a needle and thread.

Next week I will show you what we are making our (his) teacher for Christmas, another SUPER easy project!

Don’t worry I’ll let you copy my work! :)

What are your kids giving their teacher’s this year?



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  1. So cute and easy to make! I love the baker’s twine at the top too :)

  2. We’re same, I prefer the same way, indeed it is better than buying some because with it at least they will appreciate our efforts, as they said its not about how it cost you, its about the love and effort you’ve exerted while making it, thanks for sharing this DIY fabric gift tags, I’ll look forward to make some.

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