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Well hello there!  How is your week going?  With the holiday this week I am way off my schedule!  I’m finally getting it together and should be back to normal by tomorrow.  Don’t quote me though.

Anyway, this weekend I put up wall stickers in the house!  I will admit, when Icon Wall Stickers contacted me about reviewing their wall stickers I was a bit hesitant.  Would it look good? Are they durable?  Will they ruin my walls? I did a little digging on their site, and then I dug a little deeper.

Icon Wall Stickers

Icon Wall Sticker Review via Chase the Star #WallSticker #HomeSweetHome #vinyl #homeDecor

There are so many choices and size ranges, I was intrigued!  I chose a large “Home Sweet Home” wall sticker for my dining room, and a baseball themed sticker for the boy’s room.

Make a Statement with Wall Stickers! IIcon Wall Sticker Review via Chase the Star #WallSticker #HomeSweetHome #vinyl #homeDecor

Icon Wall Stickers 'Home Sweet Home' via Chase the Star

These stickers are awesome! Not only do they look great, but they’re non-toxic which makes them great for families. You get to choose from a huge range of sizes and colors, and tons of images!  Perfect for your kiddies, your hobbies and interests. Another thing I noticed, because well I always notice this…they are so affordable!!  Imagine changing wall decals as the kids grow or as your moods change.

Icon Wall Stickers 'Baseball' 2 via Chase the Star

How to Apply a Wall Sticker Icon Wall Sticker Review via Chase the Star #WallSticker #HomeSweetHome #vinyl #homeDecor

They are also easy to apply and remove on your wall surface leaving no stains or surface marks.  The wall sticker I got for the dining room is huge.  Just giant!  And I love it!  It took two of us to put it up (well one person to put it up, the other to take pictures..ahem), but it was quite easy! Literally just peel the paper off the back.  Press it firmly on to your wall, and peel the top paper off.  Smooth any air gaps out with your fingers. Done!

Don’t you just love these stickers?  Want one for your home or to give as a gift?

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  1. Gail says

    I love the “home sweet home” but saw a pinterest one that said your last night and established in year that I like more.

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