Beach Inspired Mantel

Summer is my all time favorite season.  When I think of summer I think of the beach, sailboats, flip flops, and long, lazy days.  Of course as an adult I don’t get to enjoy those as much as I did as a kid.  These days, my favorite way to experience summer is in my own home, with my decor.  My summer mantel this year is beach inspired…

Beach Inspired Mantel

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

As usual, I shopped my house, rearranged a few things already on the mantel, and brought in a few inexpensive items to complete the look.

These little thrift store metal buckets are by far what I love the most!  They were just .99 each!  I filled them with sand (Home Depot-$2.46 for a 50 lb bag) and seashells the kids have brought home from the beach over the years.  The previous homeowners left 3 nails (off centered-grr!) on the mantel ledge that have actually come in handy quite a bit.  They’re holding the buckets and reinforced with a few strands of twine to stay put.  I do NOT recommend this for high traffic areas, or homes with curious little hands nearby :)

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

I made this ‘sailboat” out of a hunk of driftwood from the beach. Come back next Thursday for the tutorial!

Driftwood Sailboat via

Accessorized with jars, votive candles and twine. Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

From what I hear,  these Ball ‘Heritage’ blue jars are only at the stores for a limited time—run, don’t walk!

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

The wicker star in the center is hung with twine.

On the left side of the hearth, I used a lantern I already had (Home Goods), and an old rusty lantern left behind by the previous owners.  I bet they think I threw out their ‘hand me downs’…they don’t know me.  The art behind those is a piece I’ve had for years.

On the right side of the hearth I leaned the chevron flag I made out of shims.  Along with another rusty lantern ”hand me down’, and that awesome long necked cobalt blue bottle.  I got that at a thrift store a while back, just wrapped a little twine around it.  The shell is from Miami Beach; I found it on the sand and stuck it in the kid’s luggage!

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

On the left side of the mantel, you may recognize the wicker basket I used here, and here.  I love it so I keep reusing it-that’s how I operate!  This time I stood it up and used it as a display box.  The bottles and coral are from Home Goods.

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

For a little touch of whimsy (I like ‘whimsy’), I wrapped jute twine around 2 of the blue jar necks and then tied them together.  They are draped on either side of the mantel, on small pertruding ledges.  Hmmm, I need to get some more candles to put in those!

Using more of the things I already had—I wrapped some {more} twine around jars, pillar candles, and a Yankee candle holder–anything I came across got hit with a little jute and a little sand!

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

Taking into account that I repurposed my way to a new mantel look, using what I own, and my existing supplies, I didn’t spend much at all.  I bought the jars {Michael’s–be sure to shop smart thereand the bag of sand–total about $12.  NICE!

In the center of the mantel, I placed our family sign.

Beach Inspired Mantel via #mantel #beach #decor #jar #beach #sand #lantern #sailboat

To me–it’s not so much about the house, but what you do with what you have that really can make it a ‘home’.  This is our family’s home.

Check out my Summer Wreath tutorial for another fun ‘beachy’ project!

Nautical Summer Wreath1

Are you using beach inspired decor in your home this summer?


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  1. Crystal says

    Super cute!! I love the beach theme. I’ve been thinking about doing a beach theme in my bedroom/master bath. I have beach sepia pictures in my bedroom already that I love!! Thanks for the great ideas!!


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