Vintage Window {and DIY Chalk Paint!}


I have been searching high and low for a vintage window to spruce up and hang in the house, place over the mantel, or who knows.
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Problem is I couldn’t find one anywhere!  I’d see one and then pass it up for whatever reason, think about it, come back for it, and naturally it was gone.  This cycle went on a few times, till my most recent antiquing trip were I came across a small booth selling a whole slew of them…I was not going to pass the chance up this time.  I grabbed this one at just $20.  But I would’ve paid $100 if I had to (of course I kid ha!)..

 It’s 36×30 and perfect for my foyer!
I figured this would be a great opportunity to make chalk paint.  I’ve used chalk paint in the past, so I knew I could skip sanding, and that was all about that!  There was a recipe I came across on I Heart Naptime, it looked pretty easy so I went for it!

{How to Make Chalk Paint}

Plaster of Paris
Latex paint (I used a sample size of Behr’s Tropical Sea)
Foam brush
(I used the Vaseline, and painter’s tape once I started painting!)
Pour the paint into an old container
Add 3-4 tbsp. of Plaster of Paris
Add a couple of tbsp. of water (add more or less for consistency-should be slightly thicker than regular paint)
Mix well
That’s it!

{Vaseline Distressing}

Baby, it’s cold outside, and I did NOT want to go out there and sand anything, even a little, so…I added a little Vaseline on the edges and random spots where I want a distressed look.

Vaseline distressing

Next step, add the paint!  I used a foam brush for a quick and even application.
Check out how nice and thick just one coat looks!  No need to add a second coat for me, butyou certainly can  if you like.
After the paint was dry, I used a rag to simply wipe off  the paint from the edges and all of the areas I had applied the Vaseline to.
It came off easily and not more than I wanted, it was just right!
I love this teal color and it works really well over this ivory cabinet in my entry way.

The pictures just don’t do it justice (working on my modesty).  I wish I could pull you each into my home to see it!

I really love this chalk paint recipe!  With so many paint color choices at the stores, and let’s face it–sitting in my craft closet,  I can chalk paint to my little heart’s content!  Although there is something to be said for the name brand chalk paints out there, this one was just friendlier for my budget!
Have you ever made DIY chalk paint or distressed using Vaseline?
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  1. Yay, you finally got your window! I love it Barbara, you made it look so beautiful! (Although I can’t say I am surprised :))

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      Tara, thank you for being so sweet and always leaving me such kind words! XO Really appreciate it! And YES finally got my window!! :)

  2. LA-OVE that color!!!!

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      It’s great isn’t it?! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at the store! Thanks for stopping by Eva!

  3. Great color and distressed perfectly. I was fortunate enough to find TWO windows on the side of the road one day :) Maybe I should leave one white and paint the other. You’ve inspired me, thanks

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      Oh I would love to come across such a find! So glad you are inspired to add a little paint! Thank you for stopping by Roxana!

  4. Absoluately love that color!! :)

  5. It came out great, Barbara!

  6. You always have such wonderful projects! I love reading your blog. I wanted to invite you to come link up at a party on my blog. It is a link party for OLD projects–so that we can hopefully get more traffic to our blogs using projects we’ve already posted. Come over and remind us of some of your favorite projects!
    The link-up is live now.
    Hope to see you there!

  7. I love the color, Barbara! What was the texture like afterwards? I’ve seen chalk paint everywhere and am thinking about doing a desk in it, but not sure it can handle the wear and tear of being a desk without some kind of protective finish.

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      ChiWei, The texture is smooth. I didn’t poly this one because it will not be handled or sat on (like a chair), nor will there will any reason for any wear and tear, because it’s hung up. Although once the paint cures it’s pretty hard to peel off anyway–plus I like the distressed look! For any piece that will incur wear and tear I recommend using polyurethane (you can get a matte or satin finish if you don’t want to lose the integrity of the chalk paint). Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to see how your desk turns out!!

  8. I really like the color!

  9. I love your window, the color and the tutorial on how to make it.

    I have been looking for a window now that I see all the ideas on blogs or Pinterest. I can’t remember how many free windows I passed up prior to blogging. On one occasion I was offered 20 windows. Oh, if I could roll back time.

  10. I love it! And I am hooked on chalk paint after making it over the summer, too – it gives you SUCH nice coverage! Great work and super cute find!

  11. LOVE how this turned out!! The color is beautiful :)

  12. So, you are using “chalk” paint for purposes other than making objects into chalkboards? If your main purpose is for use as a chalkboard, would you still recommend a polyurethane top coat?

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:


      I would not add polyurethane on chalk paint that you would use to write on. I have several chalk paint projects I’ve made for my kids to draw on and did not add sealer, and they’ve held up beautifully!

  13. LOVE this Barbara!! One day I’m going to make my chalk paint I swear. Your window is outstanding!

  14. I am so impressed that you made chalk paint- I’m still a little scared of making it. The window looks wonderful!

  15. Great job! I love the color… looks like ASCP Florence! The vaseline technique works like a charm to make that window look authentic…
    I’m pinning this one.

  16. LOVE the teal!! It looks great!! Homeade chalk paint is the best!! Not pricey, but same effect as the real stuff!!

    Jenna @

  17. Such a great color! I have windows sitting in my garage and have been thinking about what to do with them… I’ll go haul them out now!

  18. I love this!! I have worked with windows before & I was just thinking about doing more. I use them to frame photos, so I think this would make a perfect mix. Love the addition of the chalk paint. Brilliant!!

  19. Looks great! You beat me to getting a window painted and I’ve had two of them since August. Well the busyness of Christmas is past, so maybe now with your inspiration I can get to it!

  20. LOVE THIS… and the color. It turned out fabulously. Any extra vintage windows laying around you can donate to a friend? {giggle} xo

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      Kelly, Thank you very much! If only you lived nearby, I could give you a few (not that I have any to spare lol)! XO

  21. I just found your site browsing around. Love it! I have to finish looking around too. Would love it if you came on over to see me at

  22. I LOVE it! I just bought 2 windows today! They are so much fun!

  23. sweet window, love the color. Nice tutorials Barbara!


  24. Found you on Lil’ Luna’s link party and I’d love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out that is still open! I love the color you chose!!

    Reasons To Skip The Housework

    • Barbara @ Chase the Star says:

      Melanie, thank you so much for the invite! I will stop by on Tuesday! Appreciate your comment!


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