DIY Jewelry Box Upcycle

Hi lovelies!

A few weeks ago I found this old and slightly beat-up jewelry box at my local thrift store, it was on sale (oh yeah…second hand and on sale) so I just had to take it home and give it some much needed love.
I had so much fun making this little box over!  All sorts of ideas came to mind.  I envisioned it in a little girl’s room, or perhaps it would live with a sophisticated teen, or even a sit in a family room or entry way.  So many possibilities!  I decided in order to accommodate all of those scenarios, I’d paint it a pretty blue and white.

{Updating a Jewelry Box}

The jewelry box had lots of potential.  Although the stain was fading, and it had a few scratches and small chips, the inside lining was in tact, and the bones were great!  This made things easy because repairing and re-lining can take some time.  
With a small Phillip’s screw driver, I removed the hinges, and the mini drawer pulls.  
The pulls and tiny screws with were sprayed a glossy white. In the meantime making sure to cover the inside lining (I used foil and painter’s tape to protect it), I sprayed primer over the entire piece.
{Making It Pretty}
Later, I added a coat of white spray (satin finish) to everything but the drawers. 
Then with a small foam brush I painted the drawers and rims of the top and bottom in a shade of blue I’d mixed together to paint a stool a few weeks back.
I added a light coat of polyurethane to seal my work. Once everything was dry I screwed the hinges and pulls back on to the piece. 
I’m loving the way this piece turned out!  It’s amazing how a little paint can make a world of difference!  
I also bought a large jewelry box as well as a few other trinkets that day.  I look forward to upcycling and sharing with you soon! 
Do you like to update second hand items?


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