Homemade Granola Over Ice Cream Recipe

My husband made some granola this weekend, and let me just say..he makes fabulous granola (big shout out to the hubs)!
We love to add it to everything all year long, and during the summer months especially, we sprinkle it over ice cream..YUM!
I thought I’d share his quick and super easy recipe with you all.  Enjoy!

Oats {5 cups} ~ Egg whites {5} ~ Brown sugar {1 cup} ~ Vanilla {1 tbsp.} ~ Cinnamon {1 tbsp.} ~ Water {2 tbsp.}

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, and spread out on to a cookie sheet.

Simple enough right?  See ya’ again soon!




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    Egg whites!! What a great idea! Thank you for sharing this–I LOVE granola, but most of the recipes I’ve seen have so much fat, I’ve about decided they’re not worth it. This looks like it would be a great recipe to try!

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