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Hey there!

Over the weekend I was at Home Depot getting some supplies for a paint project I was working on.  I was in the paint prep aisle when suddenly these beauties came to mind:  

The Lettered Cottage

I’d seen these a while back at The Lettered Cottage, and loved them!  Yes, those are curtains, no big deal right?  Look closer.  They’re made from common home improvement store drop cloths!  Yup the stuff you throw on the floor to catch drips and messes, is actually made out of lovely canvas that when hung up looks like linen!  

They come in various sizes, I chose the 9×6’s.  At under $10 each, I just couldn’t pass them up.  I mean if I mess up, I can always use them as actual drop cloths, right?!, drop cloth, curtain, diy
They come already hemmed (yes!), so I just threw them in the wash and ironed them (not fun, but for only $10, totally worth it).  
I bought some clips at Target for $5 a pack (2 packs).  They didn’t have silver to match the rod I have, and my impatience got the best of me (as always), so I got brown ones and sprayed them in silver with paint I already had:    
                   , drop cloth, curtain, diy
Laid them out, sprayed, after they dried, flipped them over and  painted the other side.

I wanted them to look a little more ‘custom’, so I folded the top down 15″ and created a faux ‘valance’ to sort of frame them.   They’re 9 ft. in height so there is plenty of room to experiment!


I chose not to add any embellishments because I like the simplicity they offer as-is for my particular space.  However, you can certainly sew on some trim, or even paint a nice pattern (it’s canvas!), the possibilities are endless!, drop cloth, curtain, diy
Here’s the cost breakdown:
(2) 6×9 canvas drop cloths $20
(2) packs of curtain clips    $10
Total Cost:                         $30 :)
I love my new drop cloth curtains!  I plan on getting more for the kid’s playroom (which you can see a little of there beyond my living room), and getting more creative with those.  Can’t wait!


    • says

      Rhonda, I get plenty of light in the day time, and it offers plenty of coverage at night, surprisingly! It’s really a great ‘fabric’ to work with! Thanks for stopping by!

    • says

      Thanks! Surprisingly they hold really well. The material is pretty heavy so it grips nicely, but not so heavy that they slip off. But you can definitely sew on some tabs or fold it over and slide a rod through it. So many options! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. says

    I saw this when I was going through your Pinterest boards. I LOVE them! I have these 2 massive sliding glass doors side by side & curtains are so expensive! You rock, Barbara!

  2. Donna Trull says

    What a great idea! I wonder if you could dye them another color, like with Rit dye. Or can they be bleached lighter? I could really use some of these in my bedroom but in a light white color.

  3. lisa says

    Love it ! just repainting my kitchen . maybe this would work ? hum…
    my tip.. myo spray starch..
    I mix 2 T of Corn starch in a microwaveable measuring cup.. with 1 cup water.. cook & dissolve. (cooking it a bit is SUPPOSE to keep it mixed .. but I have found I need to shake it before use anyway. )

    pour mix into a spray bottle & fill with water.. total water about 2 cups.. .
    but try it out & see what stiffness you like tho..
    ( had a spray bottle of lavender for ironing & broke the top, so added it instead of plain water..
    lavender keeps the months away too: :-)

  4. Julie says

    These are amazing! What a great idea!
    What brand of drop cloth is this? I have a new house that has a 20×30 screen porch that needs some privacy since it’s off the front of the house. I think this would work wonderfully!

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