Dresser Make-Over

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Subway Style Dresser

In my world there is family and baseball-not necessarily in that order.  My husband has passed his love for the game down to the boys and well in my case, if you can’t beat ‘em…

As you know we’ve recently moved into our new house and I’ve been in a decorating frenzy.  The boys insisted on selecting a theme for their room; yup you guessed it, golf.  Ok, I jest—you were paying attention after all!  Baseball is of course the ‘theme’ for this room, and more specifically the Boston Red Sox (no we are not from Boston; this team is just a random passion my husband acquired in his childhood). 
So in keeping with my need/love for cheap-ness I decided to add a personal touch to their room by updating an old Ikea dresser they’ve had for years.  It’s a 3 drawer dresser we’ve always used to hold their t.v. and some knick-knacks. 

I decided on what else but a Red Sox, red dresser—get it?  I went with subway style lettering depicting several different common phrases associated with the Red Sox.  Had to consult the hubs on that one (and also our “Fever Pitch” dvd). 

htttp://www.chasethestar.net, Subway, desser, red sox, red, boys, bedroom, kids
Who knows who #9 Williams is??? Everyone in my house does. Everyone.

The entire piece was lightly sanded and the drawer fronts were painted in a pale grey that I had leftover from another project (because I’d run out of white).  I bought some vinyl letters at Michael’s, and placed them on the drawer fronts intentionally overlapping some of the words passed the end of the drawers. 

My trusty assistant

I enlisted my 3 year old assistant to paint the entire piece Red (Cherries Jubilee by Glidden).  I kid!  He got tired after 4 strokes of the brush. 

Once the entire piece dried overnight, I carefully peeled the vinyl lettering off and sanded the edges, as well as over the letters for a distressed look.

htttp://www.chasethestar.net, Subway, desser, red sox, red, boys, bedroom, kids
I LOVE the way this turned out!

htttp://www.chasethestar.net, Subway, desser, red sox, red, boys, bedroom, kids
See the intentional overlapping passed the ends of the drawers?  Love!
If I had intended on blogging when I did this project I would’ve taken better ‘before’ and ‘during’ pictures, I assure you! 

This project took lots of patience, and about 2 day’s worth of time, but it was sooo worth it!  The boys are so HAPPY with it, and I’ve even caught them bragging to their friends about it.  Mom SCORES!

Love, Barbara

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    Hi, Barbara! I love this project; you did a fanTAStic job! SO fun and so perfect for a boys’ room. I’m so glad you linked up at our Shine on Fridays party this week. I’m featuring this in a special “10 on Thursday” post this Thursday on One Artsy Mama!

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      Amy, so glad you liked it! What an honor to be featured on ’10 on Thursday’, thanks so much! I can’t wait to see the post and share it! I love your blog, so again, thanks!!

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    Just stopping over from your feature at At Home With K to say that like a gazillion other people, I love your dresser. It’s fantastic.


    • says

      So sweet of you to say! It’s a personal piece specially made for my boys so it means so much to get kudos on it! Thanks so much for stopping by..I didn’t know that it had been featured on At Home With K so thanks for letting me know!! :)

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    Love it! Did you roll red paint right over the vinyl letters? or carefully hand paint red around them? Awesome little dude’s dresser!

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      Thanks! I actually don’t have a post on their room yet, but I guess I should! I have several projects posted but perhaps I’ll write up on the whole room. Thanks for the encouragement!


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