Easy DIY Marquee Letters

Make an EASY DIY MARQUEE SIGN via Chase the Star chasethestar.net #DIY #marquee #madewithmichaels #michaelsmakers @michaelsstores

The marquee letter trend is gracing the shelves of almost every decor store and mag on the planet.  I love it and have been looking for a way to make some myself.  While there are zillions of DIY ...

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Hearty Chicken Quinoa Soup

Hearty Chicken Quinoa Soup via Chase the Star

We have one go-to meal in our home that a is tried and true staple, my husband's Hearty Chicken Quinoa Soup.  It's easy to make, and can feed the whole family for several days! My husband loves to ...

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Desktop Craft Supply Organizer

Chalky Finish Paint--Desktop Craft Supply Organizer via Chase the Star 1

I don't have a big craft room or even a large space to work on my projects.  Most are made in my garage or on my crafting table which is really a chalkboard table in my kid's ...

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Shopping For Window Treatments


When we first bought our home it was a hodge podge of about 100 different decor styles, none of which made much sense.  The thing I was most puzzled about was the window treatments or lack thereof. ...

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Easy Fireplace Makeover

Easy Fireplace Makeover--inexpensive and fast! www.chasethestar.net

Last week I was looking for ideas for the wall above the fireplace and came across a handful of beautiful and seemingly easy to tackle ideas. It was a hard decision but I decided to go with simple ...

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Keep Your Bathroom Clean Year Round

5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Bathrooms Clean Year Round #BehindClosedDoors #sponsored  #IC

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Scrubbing Bubbles®. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.   As the ...

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New YOU In the New Year


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Planet Fitness. I received a membership to PlanetFitness to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me ...

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9 Ideas For Over the Fireplace

9 Ideas for Over the Fireplace via Chasethestar.net

Hey friends, how the heck are ya?  I really hope the new year is going well for you so far.  I will admit that I am just cracking open the computer for the first time since Christmas, and although I ...

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Valentine’s Day Fun

Make your own Dry Erase Board Use Mod Podge Sheer Colors for Glass via #ChaseTheStar #modpodge #plaidcrafts
Easy and Budget Friendly Valentines Day Ideas #Decor #crafts #diy #handmade #budget #Valentines via #ChaseTheStar
#Valentine's Day Cookie Cup #kids www.chasethestar.net